Google now recognizes 119 kinds of languages ​​and recorded into text


If you are too lazy, Google’s speech recognition and text to increase today in 21 languages, reaching 119 varieties of language, Google claims that its speed is three times faster than typing. Today added 21 languages, including Armenian, Bengali, Lao, Sinhala, Su Dan, Nepali, Urdu, and Tamil.

cGoogle speech samples were collected from the native language for the updated common phrases. The company said in a blog post: “The process of training our machine learning models to understand the new language sounds and words, and over time the use of more examples of these languages can be used to improve the accuracy of speech. Google search and a range of products, including translation application.

Google today launched a parent-friendly feature that allows users to say, “a smiling emoticons” or “face emoticons” to express emotions. The emoticons feature applies primarily to English-speaking people, the introduction of other languages later. To access voice typing feature, install Gboard for Android or iOS, then press G to select the language, then select Settings. For voice search, please use the Google application, then select your language in the speech settings menu.


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