Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Google Messages app deleted your text messages without warning

1 min read

Google Messages is a text message app. This app is also pre-installed on some brands of Android devices. The main feature of this SMS app is support for Rich Media Communication Service (RCS), which allows Android users to send messages via the Internet like Apple iMessage.

The supported messages are of course not just the content of traditional plain text messages. Users can use them to send plain text, pictures, video, audio, and even various files.

Unfortunately, some users recently reported that Google’s SMS app deleted users’ text messages and many text messages with plain text content disappeared somehow.

However, other rich media contents such as audio or video and pictures are not affected at all, but obviously this has caused a huge impact on many users.

Users report seeing glitched text, messages from some contacts incorrectly labelled as coming from another contact, and the app crashing before losing all text messages,” AndroidAuthority reported.

It is not clear what the specific reason for the disappearance of the text message is, but Google has not confirmed the problem and therefore there is no reliable solution for the time being.