Google launches Android GPU Inspector tool

Google launches Android GPU Inspector tool

Last year we mentioned that when Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 865 and 765, they said that GPU drivers can be released separately in the Google Play Store.

That is, the graphics processor driver is separated from the system firmware, and manufacturers and developers can individually optimize for graphics display driver release updates.

This should be good news for gamers because developers can optimize for different graphics processors to improve the performance of the game.

Now about this project, Google has launched the Android GPU Inspector tool, “a single tool that will help you profile and debug graphics on Android across Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPUs and Arm® Mali™ GPUs,” and developers can use this tool to better optimize the performance of the graphics processor.

The drive checker now launched is only the first step of the Google and Qualcomm plans, and mature developers to be tested can then release driver updates through the Google Play Store.

Of course, the independent update of the graphics processor driver only supports the new chipset, and currently mainly includes the new Qualcomm Adreno and ARM’s Mali graphics processors.

The first supported devices include Google’s own Pixel 4/4XL version, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and S10 (including Samsung Exynos chipset version).

Google said that it will expand the list of supported devices in the future so that more Android devices that have adopted new graphics processors can independently update the display driver.