Google is developing a one-handed mode for Android 12

As smartphone screens become larger and larger, it is also difficult for users to operate with one hand. It may be difficult to hold the phone with one hand, let alone operate at the same time.

Therefore, many Android device manufacturers have already provided the so-called one-handed mode. After the one-handed mode is enabled, the screen content will be shifted to one side so that the user can reach it with his fingers.

For example, the solution adopted by many manufacturers is to reduce the screen content by 40% and then move to the lower right corner, so that it is relatively convenient for users to use with one hand.

What’s interesting is that although the one-handed mode has been widely adopted by various manufacturers, in fact, this is not a native function of Android, and Google has not developed a one-handed mode.

In the Android 12 DP1 developer preview version launched by Google, relevant codes and operation buttons for activating one-handed mode have been found.

The user may be able to quickly activate the one-handed mode through some buttons at the bottom of the screen, but at present, the one-handed mode cannot be directly enabled by the developer.

This means that Google finally decided to provide native one-handed mode support after the launch of Android 12, but we still don’t know the specific form.

9to5google reported that when the screen of the Android device is larger or taller, users can activate the one-handed mode to facilitate clicking on the screen with their thumbs.

And regardless of whether the user is left-handed or right-handed but can activate the one-handed mode, the possible activation method is to slide the navigation button at the bottom of the screen to activate the function.

It needs to be emphasized that this feature is currently under development and is not sure whether it will arrive in the Android 12 version.