Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Google engineers are working hard to improve the Android sharing menu

1 min read

For most users, the system-level sharing menu should be a standard feature, but the Android sharing menu currently has multiple issues that affect the experience.

For example, the problems that currently plague users include slower pop-up menus, especially when loading, comfortable to accidentally touch other applications, and so on.

These problems have caused problems for users who often use the sharing function, and the issue has also created many developers to discuss on Twitter.

However, Google also feels that the sharing menu of the Android system is not right, so the vice president of Google Android Engineering responded that the menu is being improved.

Google Android Engineering Vice President said:

Modifying the Android-level sharing menu is also a top priority. This is a relatively large amount of work, so it is not so fast to see the actual results.

We are redesigning with different underlying data models, and the redeveloped shared menu will load faster, and the user experience will be better.

As for these improvements, it will naturally be available in subsequent versions of Android, which means that users may need to upgrade to Android 9.x to see this improvement.