Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google has urgently removed a number of Stalker apps on Play Store

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Google recently removed seven apps from its official app store, Google Play Store, and the Avast investigators of the Czech-based network security company found that the seven mobile apps have tracking users, monitoring user phones, uploading and abuse of user information behavior. Here are seven app-related information in this storm: 

  • Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Spy Free. 
  • Spy Kids Tracker. 
  • Phone Cell Tracker. 
  • Mobile Tracking. 
  • Spy Tracker. 
  • SMS Tracker. 
  • Employee Work Spy.

The investigators confirmed that the seven apps were developed and put on shelves by Russian developers to allow users to track and monitor the daily behavior of company employees, spouses, and even children. And because most of these apps do not have a monitoring and troubleshooting mechanism, registration is very easy to use, and it is condemned because they can fully grasp the other party’s message without their knowledge. And so far, these seven applications have been installed and used up to 130,000 times. The app used to implement spy tracking and remote read SMS has been installed more than 50,000 times.

Because the usage is very simple, users only need to quietly download and install such apps on the target person’s Android mobile device, such as mobile phone or tablet and register with their own email. The subsequent app will email the detailed information obtained from the target person’s mobile phone or tablet to the monitor’s device for use by the monitor.

According to Avast investigators, this type of user information includes not only the real-time location of the monitored personnel, where they have been, text messages and call logs but also the ability to read almost all the information on the user’s device. Moreover, due to the concealment of the App runtime, it is difficult to ensure that the monitor itself is not monitored by others, resulting in a large area of ​​private information leakage.