September 21, 2020

Google develops AirDrop-like functions, supports Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome OS

2 min read

Google has developed a file sharing service “Nearly Share” similar to Airdrop for Android. This feature will allow Android users to directly share photos, links, and other files with other devices. Users can obtain them through Google Play.

Specifically, Nearly Share can also be extended beyond Android devices to run on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS. According to XDA Developers, it was originally called “Fast Share” when it was discovered nearly one year ago.

It can be said that Nearly Share will become part of the Google Chrome browser feature lineup, regardless of platform, it will be responsible for the entire sharing process. According to the latest findings of Dinsan Francis of ChromeStory, this feature has been implemented in the Canary version of Google Chrome, which also means that it is currently in a fairly advanced testing stage.

It is worth mentioning that if Nearly Share is installed on Windows, then this feature must compete with Microsoft’s own similar feature “Nearly Sharing”. Nearly Sharing enables Windows 10 users to share documents, photos, videos, website links, and basically anything that can be shared, as long as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled, they can be accessed from the operation center.

At present, Google has not announced the expansion of Nearest Share to other platforms, so for the time being, this is just a test that the company is not yet ready to confirm. However, since this feature has been tested in the public Canary version of Google Canary, then it may not be far from the official announcement.