Google crafts more responsible AI application services with the Vertex AI platform

Google Cloud introduces a series of products infused with generative artificial intelligence, enabling developers, enterprises, and government agencies to create tailored AI services best suited to their needs.

In response to the recent rise in generative AI applications, which simultaneously transform human-machine interaction and user experiences, Google Cloud announces a suite of products incorporating responsible, automated generative AI technology. This empowers developers to create additional service offerings while maintaining enterprise-grade security and privacy.

The suite includes:

  • Generative AI support in Vertex AI gives data science teams access to foundation models from Google and others, letting them build and customize atop these models on the same platform they use for homegrown ML models and MLOps.
  • Generative AI App Builder allows developers to quickly ship new experiences including bots, chat interfaces, custom search engines, digital assistants, and more. Developers have API access to Google’s foundation models and can use out-of-the-box templates to jumpstart the creation of gen apps in minutes or hours.

Furthermore, Google Cloud ensures organizations retain full control over the utilization and purpose of their data.

With the technical resources currently provided by Google Cloud, generative AI can swiftly automate the production of text content, presentations, and other traditionally time-consuming projects. Moreover, anthropomorphic digital assistant services can offer more fitting answers, or construct searchable and interpretable large internal data sets spanning multiple sources. Google emphasizes the construction of a more comprehensive automatic generative AI technology on the Vertex AI platform, granting equitable access to resources for a greater number of developers to create application services.

Google underscores its commitment to the responsible development of AI technology, not only providing innovative solutions but also ensuring the protection of organizations, users, and society at large. This includes drafting AI principles since 2017 to establish guidelines and shaping more advanced AI technology, research, and product development policies. Google adheres to principles of transparency, explainability, data privacy protection, sovereignty, authenticity, and timeliness to satisfy diverse needs.