Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Google Chrome v69.0.3497.92 releases: fix security bugs

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Google Chrome Google Chrome stable version welcomed the v69 official version of the second maintenance release; the detailed version number is v69.0.3497.92, the last official version v69.0.3497.81 was released on September 5, after seven days Google A new version of the Chrome browser has been released. This update is mainly to fix two security flaws and stability improvements and user experience.

Chrome v69.0.3497.81 hides the HTTP/HTTPS in the URL and also hides the WWW in the URL. This has caused a lot of users to be dissatisfied. For this reason, Google is no longer used in the latest version of Chrome v69.0.3497.92. The function to display the protocol name.

The official version of Google Chrome v69 has adopted a new UI style, a new revision, giving you a new look. Rounded label design, new swatches and brand new icons, and redesigned menus, prompts, address bars and more. If you don’t like the new address bar style, you can go to the “chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md” setting option and select the “normal” style.

A significant change has been added to the official version of Google Chrome v68, which is more cautious when loading non-HTTPS sites. All HTTP pages will appear as “unsecure”, and for sites that still use HTTP, Google will provide a setup guide to help them transition to HTTPS. Chrome will start throwing warnings whenever it encounters potentially unsafe sites. Although it does not have much impact on daily use, it is indeed a significant shift to date. Added new malicious ad defence mechanism, tab-under behaviour blocking function, support for Payment Handler API and Page Lifecycle API.


  • [$3000][875322] High (CVE to be assigned): Function signature mismatch in WebAssembly. Reported by Kevin Cheung from Autodesk on 2018-08-17
  • [$TBD][880759] Medium (CVE to be assigned): URL Spoofing in Omnibox. Reported by evi1m0 of Bilibili Security Team on 2018-09-05