Google Chrome is continuing to test new features to reduce memory use

The Google Chrome development team is currently testing new experimental features in the Canary version, which is designed to downgrade certain tasks to save memory usage. Google has tried to reduce memory usage in various ways over the past few years, but users who use Google Chrome don’t know it.

Google said in the description that this feature will skip the low-priority and unimportant tasks, similar to the background will suspend the task to free up memory space. Google said that these low-priority task queues will increase memory usage, and skipping it will hardly affect the normal operation of Google Chrome. This feature supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and ChromeOS for full platform support, and users can manually turn it on.

Currently only tested in the Google Chrome Canary, so users need to install the Canary version, the Canary version can also be installed in parallel with the official version. After downloading and installing, copy the following address and paste it in the address bar to open it.


Source, Image: ghacks