Google Chrome continues to enhance privacy protection and online tracking control

Relatively better in terms of privacy protection is the Firefox browser, but Microsoft and Google certainly will not fall behind Firefox. Any changes to the browser industry’s giant Google Chrome may make a huge difference, especially in terms of privacy policies. After all, Google itself is the largest advertising company, and the privacy protection of users and the advertising network itself conflict, so a reasonable balance needs to be made. But Google Chrome can’t wait until other browsers’ privacy policies improve, so Google is also preparing to make important improvements to the privacy policy.

Qualcomm Google Chrome ARM

According to CNET, Google Chrome is expected to announce such news at the I/O Developers Conference, the most critical of which is to add more stringent tracking controls. The new tracking control will limit the advertising network’s cookies and even traffic analysis cookies, which will have a huge impact on the advertising industry.

Of course, these privacy policies will not affect the normal operation of the website in principle, so web developers and owners do not need to worry about this change. Users can choose different privacy modes to protect their privacy while maintaining normal browsing, so as to intercept cross-site tracking of the advertising network as much as possible.