September 30, 2020

Google Chrome launches Ads Transparency Spotlight extension

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Google Chrome has launched a new extension called Advertising Transparency Spotlight. This extension is a special tool developed by Google to optimize user experience.

The advertising transparency spotlight is mainly to connect Google’s benign advertising data center and Google advertising platform to display page advertising platforms and personalized data.Ads Transparency Spotlight

For example, whether a certain advertisement is pushed based on user interests or user search records, and at the same time, you can directly view the privacy policies of each advertising platform.

At present, this extension is still in the Alpha stage, so it is only for testing. In the future, perhaps Google will integrate the extension directly into the browser to improve user experience.

After installation, enable the extension and then open the webpage. If there are advertisements provided by the Google advertising platform on the webpage, the corresponding number of advertisements and platform will be displayed.

This extension will show which data these advertisements are pushed according to, and the privacy policy address of the platform to which these advertisements belong will be displayed at the bottom.


Via: ZDNet