Google Chrome Canary is developing theme and color customization features

Earlier, it was pointed out that Google Chrome is developing theme and color customization features that allow users to configure the look and feel of the browser. But so far these features are still under development and therefore cannot be used. According to a Reddit user, the experimental options have been added to the Canary version. Now, you can configure it after turning on these experimental options on Google Chrome Canary.

Click the custom button in the lower right corner of the new tab, then select the five built-in styles in the color and theme background.

At present, there are only a few built-in theme solid color backgrounds, so it is impossible to set them by specific color values. It is estimated that the subsequent development team will continue to improve this function.

If the user is using Google Chrome Canary, you can see the above settings by turning on color options and custom menus in the experimental function.