September 23, 2020

Google Chrome Canary adds “Show full URLs” option

1 min read

Previously, Google Chrome decided to hide URL prefixes in the browser’s address bar, which are common prefixes such as HTTP, HTTPS protocol, and www. At present, such protocols and prefixes have been hidden in the official version of Google Chrome.

Unlike Google’s previous tough attitude, this time Google decided to provide users with choices. Google Chrome still automatically hides protocols and prefixes by default.

But the user only needs to click the address bar and select “Always show full URLs” option, then the protocol type and prefix of all subsequent URLs will be displayed again.

And this option is checked by default after being clicked, so it will continue to take effect after restarting the browser so that users can always see the full address in the address bar. As for why Google decided to provide users with options so that users can view full URLs.

Via: techdows