Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Google Chrome adds an option to enable all experimental features being developed

1 min read
For Google Chrome, there will be differences in the new feature changes for each channel version, and many fans will choose to use the earlier beta. For example, Google Chrome Canary Beta and Developer Preview, these versions are incredibly high frequency, so you can also experience new features first. However, most experimental features require manual activation by the user before they can be used. For this reason, the Google development team added shortcuts directly to enable all features directly.
Only Google Chrome beta version V69 or above or the latest version of Canary version, after the update is completed, copy and paste the address bar at the following address.


After opening this address, change the option on the right to Enabled and follow the prompts to restart the browser. After rebooting, you can see the new features currently being tested.
Need to be reminded that not all experimental features will eventually be available to the official version, and some features will be removed and discarded after testing.