Google Chrome 74 Beta adds Windows 10 native dark mode

Google has released the latest beta version of its Chrome browser, Chrome 74 Beta for Windows, adding two key features: “Never Slow Down Mode” and operating system-level integration browsers will get Windows 10’s native dark mode.

Google Chrome dark mode

The Chrome 74 beta adds Never Slow Down Mode. This can slow down or remove some animations, such as page transitions and zoom effects. It provides users with a better and faster browsing experience. This feature will optimize resource loading and runtime processing, which leads to fast loading web pages.

Chrome 74 Beta will also prevent any pop-ups from opening a webpage that is being closed, adding a new layer of security to browse the web. The new directive will block any pop-ups, even if the blocker on Chrome is disabled. Finally, the new beta integrates a shape detection API for image element identification of text, faces or barcodes. This API can be integrated by web developers to better handle photos through the browser.