Google Chrome 73 will add automatic picture-in-picture and support for hardware media buttons

The Chrome browser for desktop is expected to receive a series of new features in the upcoming version change. We can see these new features from various Commits, experimental features explored by the media, and the Canary channel, including the native dark theme that can follow the system. , high-performance Never-Slow Mode and Tab Hover Cards and more. Recently, Chrome 73 has just been upgraded to the Beta channel and is expected to release a stable release in the coming weeks. The most notable new features in Chrome 73 include support for hardware multimedia buttons, automatic picture-in-picture functionality for PWA applications, and skipping ads in the picture-in-picture mode.

Support hardware multimedia button

The user will be able to control the audio and video content played in Chrome through the multimedia keys on the keyboard, including skipping playlists, play, pause, previous track, next track, forward and backward scrolling, etc.

The native dark theme of the system

If you choose Dark Theme in Windows 10, your Chrome browser will immediately switch to Dark mode. This change is Google’s latest effort to work more closely with Windows 10, including support for native Windows 10 notifications, native support for Windows 10 for ARM, and of course dark themes for operating systems.


Automatic picture-in-picture feature

When the automatic picture-in-picture feature is enabled, the video elements embedded in the app are automatically activated and automatically leave the picture-in-picture state based on the user’s focus. One case is that in a video conferencing application when a user navigates to switch between different web applications or after different tabs of the browser, the video can be automatically switched to the picture in picture mode.

You can try to use these features by installing Google Chrome 73 beta here.