November 26, 2020

Google Camera GO version adds Night Mode and HDR feature

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Android Go is a system built by Google for low-end devices based on the native version of Android. This version is usually used on devices with low memory or even 1GB memory.

Limited by the hardware configuration, Google’s accompanying application parts have also been specially crafted. Some application functions are compressed and only support simple functions to ensure smooth use.

The Google Camera Go version is an integral part of these special applications. This version is based on the transformation of Google Camera, so it only has basic shooting functions.

However, based on user feedback, Google is improving the camera application, and the new version now supports night mode for users to take clearer pictures.

Google Camera Go version brings night mode, of course, its actual effect is far less than that of other flagship devices.

Google Camera Go night mode

But this is actually a good choice for Android devices with very low memory because other feature-rich cameras will take up high memory and cannot run.

So users of low-end devices can choose Google Camera Go to take better photos when there is insufficient light, and Google also brings optimization and adjustments to algorithms.

For example, because the hardware configuration is extremely low, the best results cannot be achieved, so Google Camera Go uses a continuous shooting to take multiple photos and then perform algorithmic synthesis.

The synthesized photos can get a brighter output to make the photos look clearer. At present, Google is gradually promoting the Google Camera Go version to more low-end devices.

Next, Google also plans to extend the HDR processing function to Android Go devices, but it is not clear when the Google Camera Go version will support HDR.

Via: XDA