Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google began to clean up cryptocurrency mining apps

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Google has previously updated the developer policy to ban any application from exploiting hardware mining on Android, and it will be cleaned up from the Play Store.

For the mining program that has been on the shelves before, it must be adjusted to delete the corresponding module, otherwise, it will still be removed directly from the app store by Google.

Recently, the deadline has been reached, so Google began to use the machine learning and other automatic detection of the application mining equipment in the current application store.

However, the normal is also cleared:

Known as MinerGate, it is also a mining application. After the application is installed, it can use Android devices to mine virtual currency such as Monroe.

However, the core function of this application is remote mining management, which is to monitor the management through the app after purchasing the computing power from the mining miner.

After Google asked for rectification, MinerGate had removed the ability to use equipment mining, and unfortunately, Google still cleaned up the application.

The total download of this app has been more than a million times before being cleaned up. Of course, there are quite a few standard additions to MinerGate.

There is no difference between mobile mining and scams:

At present, there are many mining software for Android devices, but in fact, such mining software comes with an advertising module or requires users to purchase.

However, it is impossible for mobile devices to mine due to hardware performance problems. Keeping the high processor load for a long time can cause the battery to bulge or even explode.

Comparing the mining revenue is almost negligible, so users not only have to bear the possible explosion risks but also can not get any real income.

Therefore, users interested in mining are advised to check the relevant information, do not try to mine with their mobile phone to cause battery problems leading to safety accidents.