September 23, 2020

Google Assistant-powered “Ambient Mode” is available for OnePlus 3 and above

1 min read

Last September, Google introduced the Google Assistant Ambient Mode, which was initially available only on a few Android devices, such as the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD, Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, Nokia 6.2, and Nokia 7.2. Currently, in addition to these Android devices, OnePlus phones can finally use this feature.

At present, OnePlus is working with Google to introduce Google Assistant-powered “Ambient Mode” to OnePlus 3 and newer models. At present, some OnePlus phones have received the update and can use this feature, but there are still many OnePlus phones that are not yet available because OnePlus said it would take about a week for the updates to be fully rolled out.

If you want to enable Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode, you need to open Open the Google App > More > Settings > Google Assistant > Select the Assistant tab > Devices (Phone). Of course, you can also directly connect your OnePlus phone to the charger, then click the message in the notification and follow the guide to complete the setup.

Via: xda-developers