September 21, 2020

Google announces to add 117 new emojis to Android 11

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Google is currently testing Android 11 and plans to launch the official version in the fall. It is said that the official version is normally released in early or mid-August every year.

By the way, it’s actually very close to August, but this year because of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, I don’t know if the development progress will be affected and the release time will be slightly delayed.

However, Google continues to announce new features that have been developed in the beta update, as well as updates such as the built-in emoji of Android 11.

Google said that it will bring 117 new emojis in the official version of Android 11 to be launched later. These emojis focus on empathy.

The newly added emoticons include 62 new characters and 55 skin color and gender options. Google expressed the hope that these emoticons can reflect different cultures and fairness.

Of course, many users may not be able to get the update quickly, so Google has also brought these new emojis in the Gboard beta version.

Via: businessinsider