Google announced that Android 11 Beta 1 will be released on June 3

Google announced that Android 11 Beta 1 will be released on June 3

Since February, Google has provided Android 11 Developer Preview to developers. From the test situation, the change is quite stable and has not been affected by the epidemic.

However, from the release time of the public beta version, the impact is still there, because this year’s public beta time is set at June 3, which is one month behind the previous public beta time. The detail is below:Android 11 picture-in-picture

  • We’re releasing a fourth Developer Preview today for testing and feedback.
  • Beta 1 release moves to June 3. We’ll include the final SDK and NDK APIs with this release and open up Google Play publishing for apps targeting Android 11.
  • Beta 2 moves to July. We’ll reach Platform Stability with this release.
  • Beta 3 moves to August and will include release candidate builds for final testing

In previous years, Google usually launched a public beta plan for a new version of Android when it held a global developer conference, but this year the global developer conference was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Of course, like Apple and Microsoft, Google will host developer conferences through webcasts, but Google has not yet announced the specific webcast time.