Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

GNOME 3.30 release, significantly improved performance

1 min read

The latest version GNOME 3.30 has been released. After six months of development work, including many improvements and new features.

This release has some important performance improvements. The entire desktop now uses fewer system resources, which means you can run more applications at once without experiencing performance issues.

Other highlights include:

  • New content reader mode in web applications
  • Improve search enhancements in the Files app
  • Improve screen recording and screen sharing
  • The Settings app now has a Thunderbolt panel to manage the device and dynamically display hardware-related panels only when the relevant hardware is detected.
  • Games, the retro gaming application, is faster to use now that the entire application can be navigated by gamepad. Additional improvements include:

    • The keyboard can be mapped to gamepad inputs, for those times when you don’t have your gamepad with you.

    • Finding games is faster now that additional details about each available game are displayed in the collection view.

    • The Flatpak bundles 4 more emulator cores, allowing you to play even more games than ever.