GNOME 3.26 will improve the control center


Development of GNOME 3.26 desktop environment is planned to continue, at present, the third milestone (GNOME 3.25.3) has released various updates and bug fixes include multiple components and applications.

GNOME Control Center is an important part of the GNOME Desktop, GNOME 3.25.3 development version of its added a series of improvements, including aspects of the network, online accounts, printers, regional and language panels.

In the network panel has been simplified to ignore the network interface type when NMDevice no hw address (hardware address), it will not collapse. On the other hand, in the panel of the printer to allow the printer to delete the revoked users, delete a job increase the timeout time of 10 seconds for the printer, and hidden when the ink supply level bar data is not available.

GNOME Control Center Changelog:

Fix memory leaks

– handle EXIF orientation in chooser

– Reduce connection editor dialog width
– Rely on notebook tabs to switch connection editor pages
– Align details page labels at start
– Move checkboxes to Details page
– Drop Reset page
– Adapt forget button label according to connection type
– Move Security page to the end
– Use radio buttons instead of a combobox in IP pages
– Avoid crashing if the NMDevice doesn’t have a hw-address
– Simplify the ignored Network interface types

Online Accounts:
– Move the margins and spacing lower down the hierarchy
– Increase the spacing above the “Remove Account” button

– Don’t block when removing printers
– Allow undoing deletion of a printer
– Add 10s timeout for printer removal
– Scroll view to show newly added Printer
– Move options dialog spinner out of the action area
– Add print “Test Page” button to Options Dialog
– Hide supply level bar when there is no inklevel data

Region & Language:
– Make the input source chooser back button activate on click
– Don’t return the input chooser dialog if nothing is selected
– Avoid starting with a gap at the bottom of the input chooser

Note that this is a pre-release version, not for production environments.

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