GNOME 3.26 released RC version, is expected to release the official version on September 13


GNOME project Javier Jardón announced that GNOME has now entered the RC phase, the user can download, build and test, which also marks the end of the development cycle, the development team will be ready to release the final version of GNOME 3. Javier Jardón said it would officially release GNOME 3.26 next Wednesday.

Next Wednesday, the development team will announce all the new features they’ve achieved in the six-month development cycle. To understand what’s new in the RC version, check out  CORE NEWS  and  APPS NEWS  files.

Most users will receive the first update of GNOME 3.26 within three weeks of the release. The release of Arch Linux, Fedora, and Solus is probably the first version to use GNOME 3.26, and Ubuntu 17.10 will be released on October 19 and will default to GNOME 3.26.

RC version download:


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