GNOME 3.26 official release, Linux desktop environment


GNOME team after six months of efforts, and finally launched the official version of GNOME 3.26.

This version of the highlights of the first set in the new form of the box, with a new navigation blue, improve the grid and display settings while using the Firefox Sync service to achieve browser synchronization. The version also supports color emoticons, and can also insert emotions into chat, messages, and documents.

Other improvements include enhanced system search and folder sharing.

The developer plans to significantly improve the Builder IDE, which has a new editor interface, a new context file pop-up window, an enhanced search and a new debugger. In other places on the GNOME platform, SpiderMonkey 52 is used to bring a more modern JavaScript experience, and the new library can make cloud providers more closely integrated with the desktop.

For more information on improvements, see Publish news and release notes.

Download: GNOME 3.26.0

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