GitHub new features, using the new Marketplace application to upgrade the workflow


Use these new Marketplace apps to upgrade your workflow

GitHub Marketplace introduces four new applications to help you view, protect and monitor your code.

Code review

AccessLint brings automated Web accessibility testing into the development process. When you open a pull request, AccessLint will provide you with quick, timely, and targeted feedback with any new accessibility questions before reviewing changes and comments before your code takes effect.

Rely on management

Dependabot helps keep you up to date with Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and PHP dependencies. Dependable pulls your dependency every day and looks for any outdated demands. If the dependency expires, it opens a separate fetch request to update them.

Greenkeeper brings real-time monitoring and automatic update testing for your dependencies for security and consistency. It serves as a friendly robot that sends you informative, actionable pull requests and questions so that you can easily keep your software up-to-date and working.


LogRocket  allows you to replay the problem, just as it happened in your own browser. LogRocket does not guess why an error occurred or asked the user for screenshots and logs, but instead provided you with a video record of the user, as well as console logs, web requests, and application status, so that you can quickly find out what’s wrong.

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