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GitHub developers call Adobe to open source for Flash


After Adobe announced that it had brought the Flash player to the end of the year, Juha Linstedt, a web developer, launched a petition campaign that was seeking Adobe’s open source for use as part of Internet historyThey say that Flash is an important piece of history on the Internet, killing Flash means that future generations can not see the past history.

Linstedt further explained that by doing so, it will keep the Flash project alive and secure. He has developed a visualization method to convert SWF and FLA files to HTML5, Canvas, WebGL, or Web assembly. Another developer’s suggestion is a separate browser that can play Flash content.

In addition, developers who participate in petitions believe that Adobe may have some licensed components that can not be used publicly. Nonetheless, Linstedt still hopes that this will not be an obstacle, they call Adobe please simply leave some of the components to be deleted instructions, developers will bypass them, or use open source alternative to replace them.

At present, the petition has received nearly 4190 signatures, the number of signatures is steadily rising. Even before Adobe announced its support for Flash by 2020, companies such as Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft also blocked Flash content by default in their browsers, suggesting that Flash might really need to die.

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