Ghost 1.24.6 release, modern online content professional release platform


Ghost is a simple and powerful open source content publishing platform for building and running modern online publications, designed to change the status of changing online news.

Ghost’s editing environment is based on Markdown, and all published content is stored in an easy-to-search archive for quick search. And easy to use, add a logo, create a navigation menu and inject analysis code can be completed by a few clicks.

Ghost 1.24.6 has been released, updated as follows:

  • 🐛 Fixed dated urls when timezone changes

Updates to the Dynamic Routing beta (public announcement is coming soon):

  • ✨ Dynamic Routing Beta: Channels
  • ✨ Dynamic Routing Beta: Added ability to disable+override rss (TryGhost/Ghost#9693)
  • 🎨 Dynamic Routing Beta: Extended collection feature (limit, order, data)
  • 🎨 Dynamic Routing Beta: Consistent template definition

Updates to the Koenig editor beta (release announcement):

  • ✨ Koenig – Added drag-n-drop upload/replace support in image card
  • 🐛 Koenig – Fix Firefox adding “ArrowUp” or similar to caption fields
  • 🐛 Koenig – Fixed caption/embed inputs in Firefox & Safari
  • 🐛 Koenig – Fixed card click-to-deselect in Safari/Firefox
  • 🐛 Koenig – Fixed deselect if mouse released at end of doc when drag-selecting


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