Geekbench 6 releases: A cross-platform benchmark

As a common software for cross-platform benchmarking, Geekbench 5 was released in 2019, more than three years ago, and Primate Labs recently launched Geekbench 6 benchmark software.
Geekbench 6’s CPU benchmark also includes single-core and multi-core, which can measure the performance of new application areas including augmented reality and machine learning which is convenient for users to understand the gap between the older system configuration and the new configuration in some cutting-edge technologies; GPU benchmark supports testing image processing or video editing capabilities through APIs such as OpenCL, Vulkan, and Metal.

Geekbench 6 revises the way CPU multi-core performance is tested. The test is not simply summing the performance of each core, but simulating how different cores actually share the workload in a real workload. As more and more processors use a combination of performance cores and efficient cores, Geekbench 6 can provide more accurate CPU multi-core test results than the old version.

Geekbench 6 currently supports MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. The minimum configuration requirements for the Windows version are a Windows 10 64-bit system and 4GB of memory, and only AMD or Intel processors are supported.
Geekbench 6 is divided into a normal version and a Pro version. The normal version can perform CPU and GPU performance tests, and upload the test results to the server at the same time. In addition to the functions of the normal version, the Pro version also supports running the software from an external storage device, can use automation tools to automatically execute tests, and can save test results offline without uploading to the server. It also has a commercial use license.
The regular version of Geekbench 6 is free, and the original price of the Pro version is $99. Currently, you can enjoy a 20% discount and the price is $79.