Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

GCC 7.5 released: GNU Compiler Collection

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GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) is a set of programming language compilers developed by GNU. It is a set of free software distributed under the GPL and LGPL licenses. It is also a key part of the GNU project and is a standard compiler for Unix-like and Mac OS X operating systems. GCC (especially the C compiler) is also often considered the de facto standard for cross-platform compilers.

GCC 8.3

GCC was formerly known as GNU C compiler because it can only deal with the original C language. Later, the ability to handle C++ was added and later became available for languages such as Fortran, Pascal, Objective-C, Java, and Ada.

GCC 7.5 was released.


GCC 7.5 is a bug-fix release from the GCC 7 branch containing important fixes for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 7.4 with more than 215 bugs fixed since the previous release.

This is also the last release from the GCC 7 branch which will receive no further fixes from now on. GCC continues to be maintained on the GCC 8 and GCC 9 branches and the development trunk.