GCC 6.4 release, GNU compiler collection

 GCC 6.4 has been released, GCC is a GNU compiler collection, you can compile, including C, C + +, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Go, Ada and other programming languages.

This is a fix release and fix more than 102 bugs since the last release. You can click here to view the complete bug submission list .

download link:


GCC 6 Series Note:

  • The default mode for C ++ is now -std = gnu ++ 14 instead of -std = gnu ++ 98.
  • Support for older systems and recently untested destination ports has been stopped, and the next version of GCC will be completely removed unless there is a sign of re-activity.
  • AVR port requires binutils 2.26.1 and above to fix  PR71151  .

For more information on GCC 6, see the Release Notes

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