Game Pass plan can share your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits with up to 4 of users

Microsoft is piloting the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate multiplayer mode in select regions, allowing players to play games with up to five friends or family members. This model is currently only being tested in Colombia and Ireland, and it is unknown when it will be rolled out on a large scale.

The new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate multiplayer sharing mode launched in this closed beta allows players who join the main plan to also play cloud games on their consoles, PCs, or supported devices. It’s also easy for players with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Prime membership to invite others to their sharing plan. If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can invite others to join by email or link after purchasing the relevant plan.

Players who already have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members do the same, but it should be noted that if you choose to join the new multiplayer sharing mode, then the rest of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be changed. For example, a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership will only be valid for 18 days in the new multiplayer sharing mode. At the same time, players who already have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cannot join the multiplayer sharing mode of other players. They need to wait until the membership expires or manually cancel the existing subscription.

It’s also important that the invited player needs to be in the same country as the player with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. As for the price of new members, it is reported that the price is 21.99 euros a month, which is more expensive than the existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.