Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

FTC is examining whether anti-competitive practices exist in technology companies such as Microsoft

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In recent years, Microsoft’s workflows have been smooth sailing, and many antitrust investigations initiated by US regulators have basically not been associated with Microsoft.

For example, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and even Apple are all potential targets in investigations by antitrust agencies in the United States and the European Union, but Microsoft has not been investigated.

However, it seems that Microsoft’s good luck has run out because the Federal Trade Commission is now investigating new anti-competitive behaviors against these technology giants in the United States.

The anti-competitive behavior investigation targets include Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. The investigation focuses on acquisitions initiated by these technology companies.


The US Federal Trade Commission is currently requiring these tech giants to file all 10-year acquisitions and disclose content such as acquisition strategies and non-competition provisions.

The regulator hopes to compare the pre-acquisition and post-acquisition operating data to determine whether the acquisition is legitimate and whether the acquisition or merger will adversely affect the market.

The chairman of the committee said that digital technology companies are an important part of the economy and daily life, which makes the committee very concerned about related acquisitions.

At the same time, the committee needs to assess the impact of these acquisitions on the market, such as whether it hurts the market’s free competition and whether it remains open to the benefit of consumers.

US Senator Blumenthal said:

“It has been clear for a decade that Big Tech is stifling innovation through its catch-and-kill tactics and unfettered market dominance. Every time that Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook acquire the latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence startup, innovative wearable device or emerging social network, they irreversibly squash another generation of novel competitors that could benefit consumers and bolster our nation’s technological advancement.”

Via: PhoneArena