FSP launches HYDRO Ti Pro series power supplies

FSP announces the launch of the HYDRO Ti Pro series power supplies. FSP asserts that the new power supplies possess high power density, efficient power transmission, and low-noise design, suitable for building high-performance PCs. Presently, the HYDRO Ti PRO series offers two products with rated power outputs of 850W and 1000W, both conforming to ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, equipped with a 16-pin 12V HPWR power supply interface, enabling top-tier graphics cards to perform at their peak potential.


According to TechPowerUp, the FSP HYDRO Ti PRO series power supplies boast a stylish and sophisticated industrial design, measuring just 150mm in length, and featuring LLC topology circuitry. The utilization of high-quality components ensures stable and reliable power transmission, as well as an extended lifespan. These units have achieved 80 PLUS Titanium certification and bear an A++ Cybenetics badge, signifying their unparalleled quality.

The HYDRO Ti PRO series power supplies employ a quiet and durable cooling system, attributable to the FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fans, which exhibit low noise and long-lasting usage characteristics, ensuring optimal heat dissipation for components while maintaining quiet and efficient operation. These units also adopt a fully modular layout design, simplifying installation and significantly reducing cable clutter within the case, thereby facilitating a more organized and streamlined system.

It is understood that FSP’s HYDRO Ti Pro series power supplies are now available for purchase through authorized dealers and retailers, with the 850W and 1000W models priced at $299 and $349, respectively.