Framework7 v5.0.5 released, Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps


Framework7 is an open-source, full-featured HTML framework for building hybrid mobile or web applications with native iOS and Android skins. Framework7 is also a stand-alone prototype application.

Framework7 is not compatible with all platforms. It focuses more on iOS and Google Material design for the best experience and simplicity.


Changelog v5.0.5

  • Core
    • Toolbar
      • Now it fires toolbar:show and toolbar:hide events on show/hide
    • Card
      • Now it should consider hideStatusbarOnOpen when calculating expandable card size
    • PhotoBrowser
      • Fixed issue with double preloader
      • Fixed issue when double tap to zoom also toggled exposition
    • Router Component
      • Fixed issue when updated hook had wrong context
    • Sheet Modal
      • Tweaked Sheet dark theme background color to have more contrast with page
    • Input
      • Added more events when resizable textarea’s size should be recalculated
    • Swiper updated to latest v5.1.0
      • Core
        • Fixed issues with touch on iOS 13
        • New translateTo method
      • Pagination
        • Improved dynamic bullets behavior when loop: true
      • Zoom
        • Fixed issue with pinch to zoom on Android
  • Phenome
    • Page
      • Fixed issue when pages can stuck on swipe back
    • TextEditor
      • Fixed issue with not working component events