Framework7 v3.0.0 beta9 release, Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps


Framework7 finally ushered in the official version 2.0.0. It is an open source, full-featured HTML framework for building hybrid mobile or web applications with native iOS and Android skins. Framework7 is also a stand-alone prototype application.

Framework7 is not compatible with all platforms. It focuses more on iOS and Google Material design for the best experience and simplicity.

Changelog v3.0.0 beta9

  • Core
    • Better @global parsing in js and js_if helpers
    • All new Tooltip component
    • Template7 update to latest 1.3.6
  • Phenome
    • Now f7route and f7router are passed as props for components loaded by router (Page, Routable Tabs, Routable Modals).
    • $f7route and $f7router are now also available only on components loaded by router (Page, Routable Tabs, Routable Modals) and may not be available in custom children components. For children components they must be passed done using props
    • Added tooltip support for Link and Button components


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