Fri. May 29th, 2020

Firefox Reality is now available in the Microsoft Store

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Mozilla announced that its Firefox Reality browser, which supports the WebXR standard, is now available in the Microsoft Store. WebXR is a set of support for rendering 3D scenes to render virtual worlds (virtual reality, also known as VR) or adding graphic images.

Firefox Reality is the result of the cooperation between Mozilla and Microsoft. Their ultimate goal is to bring browser applications to the Hololens 2 platform. The project was first announced at the MWC 2019 conference. Last year, Firefox Reality was listed as a beta version in Microsoft Store.

Mozilla said that Firefox Reality, which has just been officially launched in the Microsoft Store, will focus on showing the powerful AR features of Hololens 2 to developers through the WebXR standard. Mozilla provided seven demo files written using the Babylon.js and Three.js libraries for development Load it to the AR/VR device for reference.

Microsoft’s MR ecosystem is the third VR/AR ecosystem supported by Firefox Reality. The first two are Viveport and Oculus Go.

Firefox Reality uses Firefox’s web technology and is equipped with a Servo engine (browsing engine written in Rust language), which can greatly enhance Firefox Reality’s graphics rendering capabilities and multi-tasking capabilities.