Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Firefox maybe set as the default PDF reader in Windows 10

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Firefox and other browsers have built-in PDF document readers, allowing users to directly read documents online without downloading the PDF locally.

However, other browsers such as Microsoft and Google support setting the browser as the default reader, allowing users to use the browser even when reading local documents.

Firefox does not support this approach, but on the proposal of users, the Firefox browser already supports setting the default PDF reader in the latest nightly build.

According to the logs released by the Firefox browser nightly build version, the Firefox browser has improved the reader mode in the browser and supports registration to Windows 10.

Mozilla Firefox 69

After registration, the Firefox browser will appear in the Windows 10 default program settings. When the user selects the PDF format document, the Firefox browser can be set.

After setting, opening a local PDF document will also directly call the Firefox browser for reading, so users do not need to install additional PDF reading tools.

In terms of reader functions, it currently supports printing PDFs, downloading online PDFs locally, opening local PDFs, entering full-screen mode, and displaying document thumbnails.

If you have installed the Firefox nightly build, you go to Windows 10 Start > Settings > Apps > Default Apps – Scroll down to find the PDF format and click Modify and then set.

Of course, this feature is currently limited to the Firefox nightly build version, specifically the Firefox browser v78 version, it is expected that it may take 2 to 3 months to enter the official version.

Via: techdows