Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Firefox has officially ended its support for Windows XP

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The popular open source software Firefox browser of the Mozilla Foundation officially announced this week that it would end its support for the Windows XP system that has been out of service for many years.

Windows XP is supported by the long-term support version of Firefox browser ESR 52, but the long-term support version has ended its lifecycle.

This means that all supported versions of Firefox’s full range will no longer support Windows XP, and older versions will no longer receive any security updates.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox ESR version 52 has been discontinued:

After the release of ESR 52 last year, the Wise Foundation recommended that Windows XP users switch to this version, and Firefox will release security updates every six weeks.

Since the 18-month support provided by Firefox for this release has expired, ESR 52 has wholly ended its lifecycle and will not receive any updates.

The new long-term support version of Firefox, ESR 60, has been released, but the Windows XP operating system no longer supports it.

Expired versions account for less than 2% of users:

Microsoft has been ending the lifecycle of Windows XP systems for many years, but there are still a few individuals and enterprise users who continue to use the system.

For Firefox browsers, Windows XP users accounted for 12% of the total in 2016, and until now, the proportion of such users may be only about 2%.

At present, international mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox browser no longer support Windows XP, and users are still upgrading as soon as possible.