Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Firefox finally disable all extensions by default in an incognito mode

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Although Firefox is a firm privacy guardian, some strategies are very strange. For example, Firefox does not disable extensions in incognito mode by default. The incognito mode itself is a model introduced to protect user privacy, and many extensions have the right to read the web address and web content information.

In view of the fact that browsers such as Google have already disabled extensions in incognito mode, the Firefox browser that advertises the privacy guardian has been delayed until now.

Until now, the Mozilla finally felt that it was necessary to disable the extension program, so the extension should be disabled by default in the next official version of Firefox.

The Mozilla said that the official version of the Firefox 66 will disable the extension by default in incognito mode. Of course, the user can still activate the extension manually.

Via: techdows