Firefox browser for Windows 10 ARM is available for testing

Download Firefox windows 10 ARM

At the end of last year, Qualcomm publicly stated that it is working with the partners to develop a customized version of the Firefox browser for the Windows 10 ARM operating system.

At present, the Windows 10 ARM operating system mainly runs the desktop program with the help of the simulator, and the actual experience is relatively poor, causing many users to complain.

Download Firefox windows 10 ARM

Mozilla developed Windows 10 ARM native architecture version of Firefox.

The official blog of the Mozilla has just released a new blog post announcing that the Firefox browser Windows 10 ARM special edition is currently available for the first nightly build.

Users using the Windows 10 ARM system can now download the experience, but it is important to emphasize in advance that the stability of the version is actually poor.

The nightly build version is primarily available to developers for testing, so it may be less stable and suffer from a variety of incurable or crash problems.

You can download Firefox browser for Windows 10 ARM here.