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Fedora takes several years to switch from Python 2 to Python 3

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The Python language version used by the Fedora distribution from Python 2 to Python 3 also needs to be released after multiple versions have been released. The latest proposed date is by 2020, that is, when the upstream is out of Python 2.

Most of the current Python code for Python is compatible with Python 3, but /usr/bin/python  still points to Python 2, and various python- *  packages still mean using Python 2.

Developers want to delete from Python 2 in Fedora 30 packages in  Python –  prefix, and remove from she bangs in  /usr/bin/python time, the first half of 2020, also hopes to release Fedora 32, the default version of Python can be switched to Python 3, and then go to Fedora 33 or later to get rid of Python 2.

More details about these plans can be found through this Fedora wiki pageFedora devel is also discussing this matter.

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