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Fedora 27 official released


Fedora Project Announces Fedora 27 Workstation and Fedora 27 Atomic Edition Released. Fedora 27 consolidates thousands of improvements from the Fedora community and a variety of upstream software projects.

The Fedora Project is a community of people working together to build a free and open source software platform and to collaborate on and share user-focused solutions built on that platform. Or, in plain English, we make an operating system and we make it easy for you do useful stuff with it.

You can download Fedora 27 Workstation and Fedora 27 Atomic Host from getfedora.org. Fedora 27 users who are already running Fedora can upgrade directly to Fedora 27. Fedora 27  Beta Modular Server can also click here to download.

Fedora Workstation

Fedora 27 Workstation uses GNOME 3.26. In the new version, the Display and Network configuration panes have been updated with the appearance of the Settings panel. System Search shows more results immediately.

GNOME 3.26 provides support for color emoji, folder sharing in Boxes, and a host of improvements in the Builder IDE tools. Details

The new version also includes LibreOffice 5.4. The latest version of LibreOffice provides new features and improvements in Writer and Calc as well as EMF + vector image import. ODP documents can now also be signed using the OpenPGP key.

Fedora Atomic Host

Fedora Atomic 27 now defaults to simpler container storage settings. In addition, it provides Kubernetes, flannel and more. These changes give users the flexibility to choose different versions of Kubernetes or not to use Kubernetes at all. This version comes with the latest rpm-ostree, support for basic package coverage. The cockpit has also been updated to the latest version.

Fedora Server

Fedora Server has not yet officially released, due to ongoing modular reorganization. This will allow Fedora Server users to experience a more modular operating system, with the final version scheduled to be released in a month.


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