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Fedora 27 has entered the Beta frozen state, Beta version is expected to be released on September 26

The upcoming Fedora 27 system development work is all right, Red Hat software engineer Mohan Boddu announced today that the system has been earlier this week into the beta freeze phase, and is expected to release before the end of this Beta version. According to the Fedora 27 release roadmap, the “100% code completion deadline” status has been adjusted to reach, which means that all the code for Fedora 27 has been completed. Fedora 27 Beta release date is scheduled for September 19 this year, but may be delayed a week to September 26.


Mohan Boddu said: “This means that as long as the installation package to complete the repair blocker or freeze the expected BUG, then it will be marked as ‘stable’, and then integrated into the beta stage until the Beta release other versions will remain updated test, Into the final freeze after all the installation package will gradually improve to stable.

According to the road map, Fedora 27 will enter the final freeze on October 10 this year, and then is expected to be officially released on October 24 or 31. Fedora 27 is based on the Linux Kernel 4.13 kernel branch, the default GNOME 3.26 desktop environment, in addition to Perl 5.26, Golang 1.9, Glibc 2.26, Boost 1.64.0, RPM 4.14, Node.js 8.x, Ruby on Rails 5.1, PHP 7.2, OpenJDK 9 and other latest components and open source technology.

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