Fedora 25

Fedora 25 will be stopped to support on December 12 this year


On November 22 last year, Fedora 25 officially launched, is the first Fedora version of Wayland as the default display server, the new Fedora Media Writer also appeared for the first time in Fedora 25. A year later, when Fedora 25 arrived and said goodbye to us, the distribution will be discontinued on December 12 and will no longer be supported.


Like many previous Fedora releases, all support for the Fedora 25 release will no longer receive security, bug fixes, or enhancements, and will not add any new packages after the end of support. The team recommends that users still using Fedora 25 upgrade to Fedora 27 or 26 by December 12, 2017.


Fedora has a fixed update and support cycle, the old version will support the second month after the release of the new version. For example, updates to Fedora 26 will persist for a month after Fedora 28 was released; Fedora 27 will continue to be supported within a month after Fedora 29 was released.

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