Fedora 24 has stopped supporting support today

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Today Fedora 24 Linux operating system officially to the end of life, the future will no longer receive security or software updates. Users who are still using this version are strongly recommended to upgrade to Fedora 25 or the latest release 26. Fedora 24 released on June 21 last year, the workstation version equipped with GNOME 3.0 desktop environment and Linus 4.5 kernel. Over the past 13 months, the Fedora 24 library has received more than 10,500 updates.


Fedora project manager Matthew Miller since last week has issued a reminder to the community users that will be August 8, 2017, is today to stop supporting the Fedora 24 operating system. “Fedora 24 will stop life on August 8, 2017. After August 8, all installation packages within Fedora 24 will no longer receive security, BUG fixes, or enhancements,” Miller said. In the future, Fedora 24 will not receive a new installation package.


Last month Fedora 26 officially released, is Red Hat’s latest version of the system, will get about 13 months of software and security updates. Fedora 25 update support time on this basis will be 4 months time, so update which version can be. However, naturally recommended users to upgrade to Fedora 26 system.

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