FBI asks Apple to unlock the shooting suspect phone, Trump calls on Apple to cooperate in the investigation

The FBI had previously asked Apple to provide assistance to unlock two iPhones related to the shooting. These two phones belonged to a Saudi air force cadet. Three victims were shot dead at the Florida naval base in December.

In this regard, Apple said that they have been cooperating with the government’s investigation, but due to the encryption of the device, the company cannot access the shooter’s iPhone. At the same time, Apple said that if they unlock their own products due to government pressure, then Apple may set a precedent for leaking user data.

Recently, there have been new developments in the incident. US President Trump has also called on Apple to unlock the phone of the suspect in the shooting. Trump said in his Twitter account that

At the same time, for the investigation of the shootings, US Attorney General William Barr also said recently that Apple did not provide any substantial assistance. The government and the FBI are calling on Apple and other technology companies to help investigate and find solutions together so that the government can better protect American lives and prevent other future attacks.

Via: theguardian