Facebook was fined 10 million euros by Italian regulators

Facebook data centre Asia

Earlier, Apple was fined 10 million euros by the Italian regulator for the downswing. The regulators believe that Apple deliberately used the reduced performance to stimulate users to buy a new device. The same as Apple, there is South Korea’s Samsung, Samsung through the release of a new version of firmware affects the normal operation of the equipment and the maintenance costs are very high to encourage consumers to change their deivces. The social networking giant Facebook has also been fined 10 million euros on the grounds that Facebook did not inform users that it might be collecting data and for commercial purposes.

Facebook data centre Asia

The regulator believes that Facebook has not informed the user during the registration process that it may be collecting data for commercial purposes when convincing the user to register the platform account.

According to the regulatory agency, Facebook should inform the user in detail which data to collect for which purposes, but Facebook only requires the user agreement to be checked.

Facebook then sells the data to third parties and sells the data to third parties for advertising marketing without notifying the user or obtaining user permission.

“Facebook misleadingly gets people to sign up… without informing them in an immediate and adequate way of how the data they will provide will be harvested for commercial purposes“, read a statement from Italy’s AGCM consumer and market watchdog.

Italian regulators believe that Facebook is obligated to apologize to the above errors by posting a correction statement to all users via the desktop and mobile apps.