Facebook and GitHub jointly launched Atom-IDE


Today, GitHub announced the launch of the Atom-IDE with Facebook,   which includes a series of optional toolkits that bring class IDE functionality to Atom.

The initial release includes a more intelligent, perceptual contextual completion; navigation features such as outline view and goto-definition, as well as other useful features; also include errors, warning reminders and formatting of document functions.

Check out the Atom blog to learn more.

The Atom-IDE includes packages for C #, Flow, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript languages that provide deep syntax analysis of your code and project by using the language server’s powerful features. With the support of the community, GitHub also plans to expand the number of languages that Atom-IDE can support, and can run and edit applications, using Atom-IDE to become a real IDE.


It is strongly recommended to use the  Atom Beta version 1.21 because it includes the necessary file monitoring and process control to ensure that the underlying language server is running properly.

To use the Atom-IDE will need to install at least two packages – the Atom IDE’s user interface and language support package

  1. Start the Atom installation package dialog box (set the view: Install Packages and Themes)
  2. Search for and install the  atom-ide-ui  package to import the IDE user interface
  3. Install the IDE language support package you need, such as ide-typescript

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