Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Facebook acknowledges that employees can access the clear text passwords of millions of Instagram users

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Facebook said on Thursday that its employees could see millions of Instagram user passwords in an internal database stored in a database in a plain text format. The news that Facebook announced this time is an update to a blog post published last month when the company disclosed information that employees of the company could see millions of Facebook user passwords.

Facebook data centre Asia

The initial statement that Facebook provided in this blog post is that thousands of Instagram passwords have been compromised. Internet security reporter Krebs reported in March that up to 600 million Facebook passwords were leaked.

Facebook said in a blog post that in addition to the thousands of users mentioned earlier, the company will further inform millions of Instagram users whose passwords have been compromised. Facebook also said that after conducting an internal investigation, the company determined that the passwords were not “abused or improperly accessed”. However, thousands of Facebook employees could have seen these passwords, and since the first exposure in March of this year, Facebook has not provided the latest information on the survey.

Via: theverge